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Taking part in a bacon fry (szalonnasütés) is a great way to connect and have fun conversations. Doing this with family, friends and even strangers allows you to share fun Hungarian traditions! - Liz

The Hungarian Living Community is an online community full of resources and encouragement where members connect and collaborate. Meet others, like yourself, who are passionate about sharing their Hungarian heritage and have the goal to pass it on to the next generation.

Dive into your Hungarian heritage!

  • Make progress on the family history project you have been meaning to work on!
  • Be the one in your family who honors your Hungarian ancestors by passing it on in your family.
  • Reconnect with heritage recipes and cook the Hungarian foods your ancestors used to make!
  • Reestablish Hungarian traditions that may have been lost through the years.

Be the one!
Don’t wait for someone else in your generation to be the one to pass on the Hungarian heritage to the rest of the crew. If it matters to you, then you are the important resource point for the family, when they are ready. Let your passion for Hungarian things become your mission to share it. It’s up to you.

Get inspired!
Whether you want to learn more about Hungarian cooking, folk art & music, genealogy & history, or the intriguing language, this community will give you a variety of opportunities to dig deeper. We will host enriching conversations with a variety of people. Be a part of our opportunities to learn and create so you can more easily pass on your love for Hungarian traditions and culture to the ones you love. 

“The community you have brought together enriches my understanding of Hungarian life in America and in Hungary.”

You’re not alone!
Connect and collaborate with others who share your passion for Hungarian things! We all have something unique to contribute from memories to resources to techniques to perspectives! Together, we’ll ensure that these meaningful practices are cherished and passed down for generations to come.

Now is the time!
Let’s make steady progress on your family history project. We have the tools and resources to help you get going and keep working on it! Honor your Hungarian ancestors by gathering and passing on important cultural information to others.

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